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Business Evaluation Self-Assessment

CONFIDENTIAL Business Evaluation Self-Assessment

The objective of this self-assessment business quiz is to quantify your organization’s “business health”. Our research indicates these indices are important aspects in building a strong family business that can outperform the competition.
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Please contact Mel Strine, Director Matrix Consulting Services (mstrine@matrixcmg.com)
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What our Clients Are saying

  • “In the face of what could have been an exhausting and emotional process for Joe and I, the Matrix team was an unwavering source of support, providing professional and thoughtful guidance throughout the engagement. We can’t imagine getting this transaction done without their assistance, and we feel fortunate that we selected Matrix as our advisor.”

    Andy McSweeney, President
    Tri-State Utilities Company
  • “I am very pleased and have enjoyed working with the Matrix team.  Matrix has extensive knowledge and experience in the energy industry and structured an extremely well-run process.  Their guidance helped us from start to finish, and they were always there when we needed advice and support.”

    Ted Tanaka, CEO
    IPC (USA), Inc.
  • “It was a pleasure to work with the professionals at Matrix on these transactions. The repositioning of capital within our market area is an important part of our strategy to acquire new sites, renovate existing sites, and own and operate sites consistent with our brand identity.”

    Joe Petrowski, Chief Executive Officer
    Cumberland Farms
  • “In our talks with Dixie and Mr. Able, they liked our family-first approach to customer service, and took great comfort in knowing their customer base will be well taken care of. Our size gives the customer advantages in service, price protection plans, and delivery options. We think the acquisitions are a win-win for us and the customers, and we have heard very favorable feedback so far. The team at Matrix was a great partner to have as we navigated the negotiations and due diligence process.”

    Carlton Revere, President
    Revere Gas, Inc.
  • “Jones & Frank hired Matrix Capital because they promised us strong interest from a broad universe of Private Equity investors. We were very pleased with the reception we received in the financial community and are thankful that we had Matrix representing us. They were highly professional, thorough, and maintained strong control over the recapitalization process. I would be willing to share my endorsement with anyone that was interested.”

    Sterling Baker, President & CEO
    Jones & Frank Corp.