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Buy‐Side Advisory

We work with corporate buyers to formulate acquisition criteria, identify and contact acquisition candidates, determine value, negotiate the acquisition terms, arrange the necessary financing, assist in financial due diligence and provide management of the transaction process. Structuring the best acquisition – not unlike managing a company – requires expertise.

Growing a company through acquisitions is often the fastest way to build value within an enterprise. There are a lot of unknowns that accompany an acquisition from the buyer’s perspective and making critical mistakes can cause unnecessary harm to the existing operations. Matrix thoroughly recognizes the balancing act required to make sure that an acquisition adds value rather than diminishes it.

Our professionals work with our clients to ensure that the focus is always on determining the correct offer and successfully completing the transaction to maximize the value of the client’s total enterprise. Buy-side advisory services include the valuation of targeted assets or equity, preparation of comprehensive financial projections, negotiation of the transactions, and the raising of capital that is required to close.