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Downstream Energy Business Consulting Group


Matrix Consulting Services (“MCS”) is a business consulting group that focuses on helping businesses perform better within the highly competitive Downstream Energy & Convenience Retail industry. In addition to individual consulting with business owners and industry executives, the MCS Group provides an opportunity to participate in an innovative and experiential program, The Principal Imperative (“PI”). This proprietary, comprehensive business management system teaches business owners how to create and implement a business strategy that ultimately generates company growth and drives financial returns. The system also helps guide closely‐held businesses with ownership and management succession challenges.

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This unique program is outlined in more detail below:


Meetings take place online typically with eight or fewer participants that would include the principal of the firm and the executive team.  The company controls the speed of the sessions, but they are typically conducted every over week.  The entire process is complete within six months.  Led by Matrix facilitators, the principal and executive team will work together with other company participants to learn the Principal Imperative system, identify “right” practices, and build action strategies for implementation within their own team.


The PI experience is based on research conducted by instructors with years of hands-on expertise leading and working closely with many executives in the Downstream Energy & Convenience Retail industry and beyond.  The program experience will be led by top-notch facilitators and instructors, and supported by Matrix’s M&A transaction professionals.  Their deep knowledge and industry expertise will offer participants a unique perspective on capital markets, valuations and current trends in the marketplace.


The PI system guides principals and other company executives in the exploration of the company’s opportunities to build and expand their business, creating comprehensive plans to achieve long-term success in a distinct and measurable manner.  The learning and work expectations are rigorous.  The PI system focuses on bottom-line improvements that increase corporate value and long-term company success. Participants who fully engage in the PI system, including completion of all on-the-job application activities, will be empowered with a new skill set that can immediately be put to use.


Program learning is based on the 70/20/10 rule of adult-learning.  Ten percent of learning comes from the leading-edge curriculum and guidance by the program instructors.  Twenty percent comes from cohort sharing with fellow participants, and 70% of learning comes from application and implementation experiences within the leadership team.


Participants will meet online or onsite working with our experienced facilitators that bring hands-on expertise and leading-edge thinking to help participants develop a customized “Company Success Plan”. The learning and work expectations are rigorous, and participants will engage in pre-work and be assigned homework after each session to both actively apply what they have learned and prepare for the next session. This program is not a peer-networking group that meets periodically with a focus on sharing best practices or exchanging corporate financial measurements, nor is it an educational seminar focused solely on one aspect of training and development. This is a comprehensive management system that helps executives lead their teams to create higher value returns for the company.


The PI system and experiences promises to invigorate executives who participate, providing fresh thinking and effective problem-solving techniques to enhance the company’s leadership capabilities and drive better performance for both their teams and their business.


Over the 12 seminars, development of the long-term “Company Success Plan” will also include building a comprehensive talent development plan. This plan will drive company alignment, define and connect the company strategy to the human capital strategy and set priorities for operational and financial targets.  In short, this work will identify the company’s Employment Brand.  These plans will enhance the company’s sourcing, recruiting, and retention process and create a strong culture and governance position for each company to create a record of continual success.

What our Clients Are saying

  • “In the face of what could have been an exhausting and emotional process for Joe and I, the Matrix team was an unwavering source of support, providing professional and thoughtful guidance throughout the engagement. We can’t imagine getting this transaction done without their assistance, and we feel fortunate that we selected Matrix as our advisor.”

    Andy McSweeney, President
    Tri-State Utilities Company
  • “We are very pleased with the advisory services provided by Matrix. They spent the time to really learn our business and provided us with solid advice in a difficult environment for raising capital. Once our capital objectives were quantified, Matrix identified potential investors and then worked tirelessly to help negotiate a transaction that met the objectives of both Stalcop and Alpha Capital.”

    Ron St. Clair, President & CEO
  • “We are very appreciative of the work that Matrix provided us. They were able to design and execute on a confidential sale process that resulted in an outcome that exceeded our expectations.”

    Don Rogers, Chairman
    Rogers Petroleum, Inc.
  • “The consummation of this deal provided liquidity for my partner and will allow me to more aggressively pursue Affiliated’s strategic objectives for the next several years. Matrix explored several private equity initiatives, but at the end of the day, Wachovia offered me the best possible solution by increasing my ownership to 100% without creating any dilution or outside governance.”

    Matt Goldberg, Co-Founder and CEO
    Affiliated Mortgage Protection
  • “Matrix did a thoroughly professional job throughout the process and went above and beyond my expectations. We are very pleased with the results achieved.”

    Ben Wafle, President
    Quarles’ Retail Division