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Matrix’s Healthcare Group Update

Matrix Capital Markets Group, Inc. established its Healthcare Group in late 2014 and has gained traction throughout 2015 and into 2016 by advising on several engagements in the laboratory, behavioral health, wellness, and education sectors.

Across the Healthcare Group’s assignments in 2015 strategic acquirers and financial sponsor-backed companies were the most aggressive buyers. The desire to complete a specific strategic niche, whether filling in a geography or augmenting a service offering, drove acquisition activity. The team’s dialogue with current and prospective clients indicates that strategic consolidation will likely be a continuing trend in 2016.

Within certain sectors, particularly healthcare data informatics, a desire to find partners to help achieve greater scale is driving activity. These partners are either strategic acquirers with existing relationships or financial sponsors capable of providing capital and expertise. Within sectors such as laboratory services, operating efficiencies in the face of changing reimbursement is a tangible driver. The broad behavioral health sector continues to be active, supported by the tailwinds of expanding coverage and the consolidation of a highly fragmented sector by both strategic buyers as well as sponsor-backed management teams with the ability to act like a strategic.

Matrix provides expert advice for mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and capital raises (debt and equity). Matrix’s processes are tailored to each client’s situation and have consistently resulted in optimal outcomes, including providing maximum value and delivering a high degree of certainty of closing. Our detailed understanding of strategic buyers is augmented by a database of over 2,000 financial acquirers. When raising capital, our extensive knowledge of debt and equity capital providers results in our clients receiving the best terms available.

David Keys, Managing Director, serves as Head of the Healthcare Group. David Endom, Vice President, brings operating experience from the education sector along with prior healthcare M&A experience. Braden Hill, Senior Analyst, has worked with the team since inception. Collectively, the Group has more than two decades of experience in M&A and has executed transactions that, in aggregate, exceed more than $2.5 billion within the health, wellness, and education sectors. The Healthcare Group has advised companies on strategic alternatives across the following sectors:

Healthcare Services:
– Behavioral Health
– Clinical and Forensic Laboratories
– Home Healthcare and Hospice
– Physician Practices
– Contract Research Organizations
– Clinical, Allied & Lab Staffing
– Specialty & Institutional Pharmacy

Healthcare Information Technology:
– Laboratory Information Systems
– Practice Management Systems
– Revenue Cycle Management

Medical Devices:
ž- Class I, II, and III Devices
– Contract Manufacturing
– Institutional and Pharmacy Automation
– Medical device preventative maintenance and repair (ISO and multi-vendor)



David M. Keys, CFA ž Managing Director, Head of Healthcare Group
804-591-2042 ž dkeys@matrixcmg.com

David H. Endom, Vice President
ž 804-591-2035 ž dendom@matrixcmg.com

Braden R. Hill, Senior Analyst
ž 804-591-2062 ž bhill@matrixcmg.com

Carlton C. Zesch, Analyst
ž 804-591-2046 ž czesch@matrixcmg.com